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Arizona Pest Control

We offer professional, reliable pest control services in Phoenix, Tucson, and surrounding cities to keep your Arizona home pest-free!

Arizona Pest Control Services

It’s no secret that hotter climates come with more pests, and Arizona is no exception. The beautiful Sonoran Desert is full of wildlife, but when that wildlife starts inviting itself into your yard and home, it’s not a welcome sight. Pestmaster® Services provide high quality pest control in Arizona including Phoenix and Tucson in addition to the surrounding areas. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program includes far more than simple spraying; with a full pest inspection, monitoring, modification of habitats, exclusion methods, and more. You can count on our Phoenix and Tucson extermination teams to provide pest control service that will have your home and business pest free! 

Keeping unwanted pests out of your property is important, especially in the state of Arizona where termites, rats, tarantulas, and scorpions are known to infest homes at a rapid rate when left unchecked. Arizona is also home to 20 different species of cockroaches and nearly a dozen kinds of bees and wasps that have an annoying tendency to crash barbeques, picnics and pool parties. Ants, of course, are a nuisance in many areas, and Arizona is host to black ants, pharaoh ants, carpenter ants, harvester ants, and fire ants, just to name a few.

Pestmaster® Services is proud to be your AZ pest control solution; we are committed to providing you with a healthy and pest free environment. Our goal is to exterminate pests and leave your family happy and healthy while also looking out for the environment.

Arizona is a beautiful state to call home, especially when you can live free from harmful and unappealing pests. Pest control in Phoenix, AZ and Tucson, AZ is best handled by professional exterminators, so don’t wait for the problem to escalate! Contact us online or call us at 1-800-525-8866 today to set up an appointment!

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