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Bed Bug Inspection

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Q: If after a bed bug inspection my home needs treatment, what type of bed bug treatment do you use?

Bed Bug InspectionBed Bug Inspection

Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs

We offer comprehensive bed bug inspections by trained inspectors to identify if you suffer from bed bugs and offer bed bug treatments with Pest Management Environ-Mentality™. Bed bug inspections begin with our MRI's (multi room inspections) so our bed bug inspectors can determine the presence of bed bugs.

Bed bug treatment includes the following:

Bed Bug Dogs, Sophie and FernPestmaster Services® provides monthly bed bug inspection services for high-risk accounts like homeless shelters and hotels. We set up regular maintenance programs by bed bug inspectors that include thorough inspections, visual verification, and treatment when bed bugs are spotted.

Should your bed bug inspection turn up positive, our experienced inspectors will guide you through the process of becoming bed bug free. Pestmaster Services'® pest control method is more than mere pest extermination. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach consists of awareness and education; proper identification; treatment of all affected rooms, furniture, and adjacent rooms; and follow-up services to ensure eradication and prevent reinfestation. Ask us about Eco-Freeze! Potential business owners should also remember to ask about our pest control business opportunities.

Let Pestmaster Services® protect your home, health, and habitat. We're an industry leader and strive to offer pest control methods for you, our employees, and the environment.

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