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California Pest Control Services

Pestmaster® Services is proud to offer reliable pest control solutions to cities throughout California to keep your home healthy and pest free! Scroll down to choose your city.


Pests are a perennial problem. The only difference between winter and summer is often the type of pest you deal with. The Golden State of California is known for its scenic views, but with that natural beauty comes several varieties of bugs – especially as the drought exacerbates the problem for homeowners and farmers. Rising temperatures combined with the lack of moisture have forced pests of all sorts to migrate, and California residents are seeing more and more unwanted critters seeking shelter and water in their homes. Fortunately, California pest control and extermination is easily handled by a simple phone call to Pestmaster® Services! We serve areas such as Imperial Valley, Palo Alto, San Diego (North and South), Upper Lake, Chico, and Northern Sacramento.

Our comprehensive California pest control & extermination services go beyond just spraying and include a complete pest inspection, monitoring and modification of habitats, exclusion methods, and more to ensure that pests are not only eliminated from your home, but are also dissuaded from returning.

California certainly has its share of pests; from ants, termites, cockroaches, and bed bugs to mice, rats, wasps, and fleas, the removal of each type of pest requires its own unique approach. Some of these pests are particularly difficult for homeowners to try to remove on their own, such as bed bugs or fleas, while others, such as wasp nests, can actually be dangerous. That is why it’s best to leave pest control to professionals with the tried and true tools and techniques to keep your home pest free.

The Five most common pests in California, particularly around the summer time, tend to be:

California is a beautiful place to live. Don’t let it be ruined by unwanted pests. Call Pestmaster® Services at 1-800-525-8866 or contact us online today to schedule an appointment!

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