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About the Pestmaster® Business Model

Pestmaster® Services offers leading-edge technologies and “turn-key” business models for franchisees nationwide

Pestmaster® Services began servicing pest control needs after Jeffrey Van Diepen founded the company in 1979. With a modest start in the small eastern Sierra town of Bishop, CA, it became Van Diepen's mission to build a national pest control company, providing leading edge technologies in the control of insects, rodents, birds, weeds, and other pests.

Jeff Van Diepen, Pestmaster Founder                Pestmaster Origional Truck                 Pestmaster Corporate Building               

As the company grew, it continued expanding its service offerings in ways that would differentiate itself from traditional pest control competitors. The company's offerings were broken down into three primary categories:

In addition to traditional forms of pest control, vegetation management services encompass bare ground vegetation control, noxious and invasive weed control, and landscape weed control.

Health Related/Vector Control includes mosquito, tick, bird, rodent, and flea management. Additionally, the company provides a range of ancillary but related services which include disaster relief, educational consulting, and expert testimony.

Service capability expansion and narrowing core target markets was successful for the homegrown start-up and geographic advancement opportunities began presenting themselves. These opportunities provided the foundation that would support a franchise system. Pestmaster® Services historically successful "turn-key" business model was just what franchise operators could count on. Pestmaster Franchise Network was incorporated in the early 1990's and presently has 34 franchise operations in 15 states across the country.