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Pest Control

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Q: What types of pests can you provide pest control for?

Pest ControlPest Control

Pestmaster Services® offers a variety of pest control solutions for environmental invaders ranging from insects to rodents, nuisance wildlife to pest birds, vegetation management to aquatic pest management, tree and shrub care to weed control. Our pest control services include bed bug inspection/bed bug treatment, termite inspection/control, treatment for carpenter ants and cockroaches, bird and rodent control, weed control and more. Unlike typical exterminators, we are protectors of your home, health, and habitat armed with Integrated Pest Management. (IPM)

Part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is making sure our treatments are as effective as possible. We go the extra mile, offering the most advanced level of knowledge and technology. These remedies are far superior to that of everyday exterminators. Trust our commercial and residential solutions to help effectively eliminate the pests in your life

Pestmaster Services'® pest control options provide solutions for:

We illuminate the pest cause and effect that's contributed to your problem and work with you to remedy the underlying reason. Educating our clients is a key ingredient to preventing the pest predicament from recurring.

Our pest control services are built around a continuum of identifying, monitoring, preventing and controlling target pests. This level of pest management offers outcomes far better than "spraying" ever could. Our highly skilled team delivers Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions as diverse as bed bug treatment, termite control, and eliminating carpenter ants with long-term results.

Residential, commercial and governmental pest control concerns are best left in the hands of Pestmaster Services®. Count on us for effective bed bug treatments, termite control, treatment for carpenter ants, and more. Learn more about our commitment to pest management.

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