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Pest Management for Schools

Pest control for your school, university or educational facility

School Pest Control

A healthy learning environment starts with prevention. Prevention begins with inspections and an inventory of maintenance needs that will support a pest free environment without the need of pesticides. When pesticides are required, it should only be done through Pest Management With Environ-Mentality.

As IPM Expert for LAUSD, we train personnel and in-house IPM Coordinators to understand and identify true IPM practitioners who:

Additional resources can be found in the California School IPM Guidebook at the DPR's School IPM website. Solutions include:

School Exterminator

Pestmaster® Services has more than 30 years experience providing pest control solutions to Federal and State governments, school districts, businesses and homes. For nearly 10 years, the company has shared this experience with the Department of Pesticide Regulation while serving as a trainer for the agency.