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Why Pestmaster® Services

Why Choose Pestmaster<sup>®</sup> as Your Exterminator

There are a scarce number of pest control companies capable of providing the range of protection Pestmaster® Services has to offer. Solutions don't start and stop at one specific point. Rather, our commitment to overall pest management combines interdependent knowledge of multiple pest categories and how they contribute to each other. An ant infestation in the home may be caused by an aphid infestation in the trees, due to poor landscape choices. Relationships like this help us take an environmental approach that respects the whole circle. Pestmaster® Services understands it's all connected and this contributes to offering the most effective solutions for a wide range of pest disruptions.

Our service centers specialize in all phases of Pest Control, including:

Our Vegetation Management services maintain grounds, promote the health and vitality of desirable species, and prevent rodent infestations and harborages as well. Whether aesthetic, regulatory, or right-of-way required, Pestmaster® Services provides solutions utilizing our skills and equipment to manage:

Our Health Related/Vector Control programs include mosquito, tick, flea, bird, and rodent management programs that will guard you and your family from the threats of: